Welcome to the Vosk Delta!

A wayward individual cloaked in a tyrian red tunic approaches you. From a distance you seen the individual’s for lack of a better word, trot. A stumbling display of indulgence clear of the drinker’s roots. As the vintner approached, he boasted about the drink in his hand as well as it’s confined glories.

Reaching outward, he offers you a swig…

That may have been the wrong move. Whichever you’ve made, as suddenly you’ve been dropped among the trade district of Turmus. Bustling merchants, savages of all cultural roots, and purely dominant gorean men treading for any site of subservience in each being they passed.

Deserving of an introduction to such a harsh and perilous land, you’ve been left by that individual in tyrian red. Forever remembering your usher to the seat of the Vosk League, The City of Turmus!

The “Viktel Aria” Road,

“The wagon was moving north on what, in this latitude, was usually called the Vosk Road, but farther south was generally known as the Viktel Aria.” Renegades of Gor [23] 1/25

The Ubarate of Turmus,

The Turian foundation has been shaken within the lands of Turmus. A former trade alliance (the vosk league) obliterated when the Tuchuk Ubar San, Bactu, stormed the fortress of Turmus and took with it, the life of its now previous administrator.

This wasn’t done without cause, the Turian legions had charged the plainslands in an effort to rid all tribes but the Paravaci from the lands they inhabited. They succeeded but the wryly Tuchuk led the survivors towards Turmus to re-establish.

Now clansmen and women from the wagons assemble their efforts to respond to the attack upon their wagons in the plains lands while having to exist with the very faction that eradicated them from their homelands. This faction’s, Turians in Turmus, only saving grace is that they had in their own right become different than Turia over the years and in such were spared the wagon’s wrath due to centuries of good trade and allegiance.

Will the two rivals be able to assemble together for peace? Will the balance of the two factions collide as new households and new riches come to power?

The Tuchuk Horde in the Southern Plains,

“Suddenly the Tuchuk bent to the soil and picked up a handful of dirt and grass, the land on which the bosk graze, the land which is the land of the Tuchuks, and this dirt and this grass he thrust in my hands and I held it…” Nomads of Gor [4] 4/79

The Vassal City of Tafa,

“With them, too, I saw ships with the banners of Tafa, Ven, Tetrapoli and even distant Turmus” Guardians of Gor [16] 16/225

The Tafain Market (G&S),

The Vosk Delta’s “Growers of Rence”,

The Wilderness of “Viktel Aria”,