The Turian foundation has been shaken within the lands of Turmus. A former trade alliance (the vosk league) obliterated when the Tuchuk Ubar San, Bactu, stormed the fortress of Turmus and took with it, the life of its now previous administrator.

This wasn’t done without cause, the Turian legions had charged the plainslands in an effort to rid all tribes but the Paravaci from the lands they inhabited. They succeeded but the wryly Tuchuk led the survivors towards Turmus to re-establish.

Now clansmen and women from the wagons assemble their efforts to respond to the attack upon their wagons in the plains lands while having to exist with the very faction that eradicated them from their homelands. This faction’s, Turians in Turmus, only saving grace is that they had in their own right become different than Turia over the years and in such were spared the wagon’s wrath due to centuries of good trade and allegiance.

Will the two rivals be able to assemble together for peace? Will the balance of the two factions collide as new households and new riches come to power?

Dive into the THRONES OF GOR immersive environment with us!


By entering Turmus you agree to this set of rules, any confusion should be clarified before proceeding in-character. We expect everyone who comes here to be Adult and behave like Adults. The following are guidelines, you may build off any lore that is offered except rules.

We are not here to moderate or god mod your roleplay experience and should only be included when necessary.

Jump in and enjoy!


  • Adult role players only. No children or child-like avatars allowed on the sim. Dress appropriately. Gorean or medieval garb only.
  • Respect and tolerance of other role players is a must at all times.
  • ZCS or GM meter is to be worn at all times on the ground level. Do not reset without moderator confirmation. We encourage combat but an adequate amount of RP should precede any meter engagement.
  • Beast meter settings require prior approval from the administration team. We do allow it but ensure your validity by contacting a moderator before engaging.
  • No jumping, flying, prim sitting, movement or speed enhancers.


  • Raid Gather Point / Instructions | 

Raiders must gather at raid docks for 10 minutes before engaging, ensuring to contact a defender for raid count. Once a raid count is determined with the proper ratio, raiders may engage after the 10 minute wait. Safe Zones, which may not be raided, include the palace and “private sky houses’ ‘ where a teleport is required to access.

  • Non-Participation During Raid | 

Anyone on sim who does not wish to participate in a raid, excluding warriors, must tp to their sky house and mark themselves OOC. Anyone caught in the raid, that is, at the time the raid alarm bell is sounded must participate in the raid. 

  • Raid Alarm Indicates Start | 

A raid does not officially begin until the raid alarm bell is rung. Remember that a raid offers a lot of good rp for everyone.

  • Scouting Mission (RP Required) | 

In order to achieve balanced forces in a raid, it is mandatory that you scout the city. Counting dots is not acceptable. Balanced forces include “active defenders” only. If you see thirty dots  don’t assume they are all fighters. Come here and roleplay a scouting mission.

  • Raid Ratio & Window |  

There must be a minimum of 3 active warriors in Turmus in order for a raid to occur. This is to ensure the citizenship has sufficient awareness to organize defense and have available defenders ready. 

It is also so that those who do not wish to participate in confrontation roleplay, know when to schedule their scenes without fear of interruption. Raid Window status can be seen in the title bar at the top of your screen.

In addition, our ratio must be followed: 1:1+1 (example: 3 defenders-4 raiders, 5 defenders-6 raiders) 

  • Wall Scaling | 

Grappling, ladders and rope arrows must consist of three separate emotes. Once constructed, it can be removed in one emote.

  • Locks | 

Lock-picking requires three separate emotes. Once lock-picked, one emote is required to restore the lock.

  • Keys & Aiding | 

Stealing keys requires one emote with the player’s name. Aiding requires one emote with the player’s name.

  • Binding & Unbinding |

Binding requires three emotes with one including the player’s name. Unbinding requires one emote including the player’s name.

  • Leaving Zone & Witness |

Leaving the sim requires RP done via the docks in the trading district or raid arrival point. There will always be NPC witnesses to any resident removed from the sim. Captive must be taken to other “compatible” Gorean theme sims where a possible ‘rescue’ may be attempted.

  • Capture Limit | 

24 hour capture limit can be overridden by the captives preference. Captives of Turmus may leave after (15) minutes without RP unless otherwise agreed upon with captor.

  • Killing | 

Killing is allowed but there must be a very good IC reason for doing so. Proof may be requested.An adequate amount of RP must precede any killing (60 minutes). Combat, or any lead up to said combat is not included in the time.

  • Death | 

Death is not permanent in Turmus. After 24 hours, if a person wants to resume their story, they can do so with healing role play. We don’t condone suicide here. Suicide will result in a ban.

  • Tavern Rules | 

You may enter a tavern but what becomes of you then is at the discretion of the patrons. Dressing or behaving in public as a slave may result in a Free being collared.

  • Crimes | 

Any and all crimes committed in character will be overseen by a Magistrate in character. Any and all infractions out of character will be overseen by an Administration out of character.


We are a by-the-book sim with ZERO TOLERANCE for women with bows and swords outwardly displayed or prepared for battle.  First warning, then immediate ejection/ban for further grievances. 

This does not mean you cannot engage, role play with the community, disarm as all free must do when approaching any gorean city’s gate. Wearing a bow or sword upon yourself and walking about is asking for a challenge and when it comes you may not always appreciate it’s ending in this realm. We also do not allow elf ears, demon tails, and vampire wings.  You guessed it, not Gorean. 


It is important to remember that kajirae have no in character rights, no possessions, and not even a name. However, kajirae are real life players who deserve the above while out of character unless clearly defined by their owner.

To a slave, a free man takes priority over a free woman so a man is served before a woman. Equally, a free woman in any event should be respected and kajirae should be vigilant on when to tower and conceal as much as is possible.

Un-owned slaves or runaways from other regions can be captured after 15 minutes of roleplay and dealt with as the acquiring Free wishes.

Slaves inquiring on a city chain should be directed to the city slaver. If the slave is found to be being held beyond their will and wishes to join the city chain the slave may be purchased or won via challenge. There is no denying at the very least, the challenge without charge.

Slaves on their owner’s business should not be stopped or apprehended unless they were not acting in an expected fashion or seem to be loitering.

Slaves may defend themselves if cornered or attacked but are not allowed to start aggression without severe punishment to come in reprimand.